Why GreekBank?

Throughout the years payment platforms for members to pay chapters dues have become dated and extremely expensive. GreekBank was founded in 2014 by two former treasurers with common goals; one a Phi Delt at Ohio State and the other a Phi Delt at UNLV, the goals were to create a platform that focuses on simplicity and cost effectiveness. GreekBank has done just that; a simple platform that members find simple to use and also is affordable so chapters can save money in the long run. It is known that competitors such as Omega Fi overcharge and over complicate, let GreekBank be that alternative for your chapter. Let our team not only set your chapter up for success, but also provide and easy to use outlet to pay chapter dues. Since our debut in 2014, we have grown to represent thousands of members and chapters; from the Pac-12 to the BigEast. We are getting everybody back on track after the pandemic. We plan to help our current chapters and many more new chapters that we are hoping to bring onboard reach financial success.

Join GreekBank today.