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GreekBank was founded in the summer of 2014 with the primary objectives of simplifying the process of collecting dues, but more importantly saving money for chapters overall. By the start of the 2014 Fall Semester, GreekBank had already obtained a variety of clients across the country, from The Ohio State University to UNLV. In 2015, the GreekBank team updated the website to increase efficiency for the represented chapters and organizations. By the 2016 Fall Semester GreekBank had doubled its chapters represented. In 2017, GreekBank became accredited by the Better Business Bureau. By 2019, GreekBank processed over $2,469,000 in chapter dues and represented over 2,700 members across the United States. The year 2020 was a difficult time for everyone, especially greek life. GreekBank stood by our represented chapters and waived all costs for our service throughout the pandemic. For 2021 and beyond; we plan on helping everybody get back on track for financial success.
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We keep things simple. After years in the industry we know members and treasurers want nothing more than an easy to use outlet to pay and manage chapter dues. Our platform delivers that to the fullest extent. From a treasurer perspective, our primary goal is to make managing the chapter finances as effortless, yet efficient, as possible. The platform that our team has created has been fine-tuned, tested, and is currently being used by hundreds of chapters. It is a well known fact that members despise paying dues, especially when the system is more complicated than it needs to be. Unlike our competitors, making payments is fast and easy.
Outstanding customer experience should always be complimentary. Managing chapter finances can be a complicated process, we understand that. For no extra charge, our team is available to assist any needs that your chapter may have. Whichever method of communication works best; email, site-chat, call or text, our team will be happy to assist. Our customer service availability includes but is not limited chapter treasurers, members & parents.
It is no secret that members constantly need to be reminded of their upcoming due dates. Included in our service, we will send reminder emails and alerts periodically informing members of an upcoming payment date. If they happen to be late making a payment, our automated service will also remind them. If the alerts and reminders do not get the member to make the payment feel free to reach out to our team and we will personally try to get in touch with them to make the payment.

GreekBank’s pricing is about as straightforward as it gets. Saving money is key.
$2.50 per month with an average of 2.99% transaction fee. There are no additional charges for add-on services, as GreekBank is a fully comprehensive service. By saving money, this will give your chapter the much needed financial flexibility needed year-in and year-out.

With an average collection rate of 98% of all outstanding dues collected, we are the top in the industry. It is known that every chapter unfortunately has delinquent members, and our team will work to get the funds owed to your chapter. In the case where we fail to collect, with the authorization from your chapter President and/or treasurer, we will move forward with a collection agency, free of charge.

With our innovative platform treasurers have the ability to create late fees for members that are late making payments. From deciding how much late fees should be and when they go into effect, these features are available within the Treasurer Center.

One of the most essential features of our platform is creating payment plans. We understand that members need options of which payment plan works best for them financially for a given term. Within the Treasurer Center these options are accessible and easy to use.

GreekBank prides itself on having the easiest sign-up time in the sector. Register your entire chapter in minutes. It is as simple as uploading a chapter roster with names and emails. From there, our system will have your chapter up and running instantly.

Our most important priority is protecting your organization’s funds and information. GreekBank goes the extra mile with security. We partnered with Trusted Site to ensure that everything is secured and encrypted. In addition to our well-renowned hosting service, we can guarantee that your chapter is protected.

GreekBank always offers a complimentary demo account to first time clients. It is important to make sure that our service and the payment platform fits your chapters needs. Additionally, we will include a demonstration video that will walk treasurers through the functionality of our service. Feel free to email demo@greekbank.org.

Members will primarily pay online, but they also still pay in cash/check from time to time. Our platform not only records payments made online, but cash/check payments can also be recorded to keep member balances up to date. This is essential and not many other platforms in the industry process payments of cash properly.

Members come and go. From your graduating members to new pledges that may unfortunately not make the cut in a given term, we understand how fluid a roster may be. The platform our team created allows treasurers to make changes effortlessly. Add, swap and drop members with a push of a button.