There are no contracts between organizations and GreekBank. We truly have enough confidence in our services that we don’t need any type of commitment to ensure our clients stay.
There is no minimum for how many members an organization can have to sign-up for our services.
If a member pays cash, there is a option to add payment to that individual to update their current balance and status.
Our services were designed by former treasurers to be simple and hassle-free. Our number one priority truly is our clients, as we do whatever we can to keep them satisfied.
With GreekBank your data is held under the utmost security. We have a top of the line encryption, as well as an individualized server to protect against even the most severe cyber threats.
GreekBank representatives are available 24/7. Feel free to contact us whichever method is easiest for you, via text, email or over the phone.
We welcome you to come on board whenever you can, even if that is not at the beginning of a term. Additionally, we will assist with moving over all of your active balances from your previous dues collector to ensure an accurate and quick transition. In terms of cost, we often work with organizations during these times, only charging a small fraction of a term, and often times nothing at all.
If you need to file a 990N and or 990EZ it is complementary with GreekBank.
Simply message GreekBank stating that you are no longer a member and we will terminate your account.
As our great services become more well-known around the country, we have had this question come up often. It is standard for us to close out your old account, transfer over your balances and make the transition to GreekBank as effortless as possible.
We will be disappointed to lose you, but the process is simple. Get in contact with our team, let us know that your organization will no longer be using our service and we will take care of the closure process.
72-hour transfers are GreekBank’s standard and the top in the industry.
GreekBank represents many types of organizations beyond fraternities and sororities, such as clubs, sports teams, unions and alumni groups.
There are a few options to receive a demo of GreekBank’s services. The first, is the demo video which is available on YouTube here [Link it to “here”] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRFcK9-OcXg) To obtain a demo of the service with a sample log-in, email demo@greekbank.org stating you would like demo of the service and we will set you up from there. To obtain a walk through of the site via a screen-share, you can also send us an email at demo@greekbank.org, or you can sign-up for “more info” and schedule a demo time from there.